Crouch Concrete Gallery

Concrete is an amazingly versatile material. It can be burnished, broomed, washed, acid distressed, stamped, polished, sandblasted, and carved. It can be integrally colored, receive colored pigment broadcast on the surface, acid stained, dyed, or a combination of any or all these techniques. Cast in a fluid form, it can replicate any shape or texture. It can receive inlays of minerals or metals. Itís strength and durability make it suitable for both interior and exterior projects. Whether your desire is a vessel soaking tub, an elegant fireplace surround, or a courtyard complete with a fire table and outside dining surface, our concrete artisans can exceed your expectations.

Click the thumbnails below to draw inspiration from our past projects.

View a selection of projects where concrete was used to cast sinks, tubs, and vertical surfaces for shower surrounds
View projects where concrete is used as an exterior design medium
View a collection of cast concrete fireplace surrounds, hearths, and mantels
View an assortment of jobs where ground and polished concrete is used as an interior floor
View a variety of projects using stamped and stenciled concrete to replicate the texture and shape of stonework for exterior surfaces